1137 Edit

1137 was a who served the during the .

Biography Edit

1137 and , another , were left behind on a desert after the clone troopers miscounted and took off without them on a . The pair eavesdropped on several , who were discussing the building of a secret weapon. The , feeling that they needed to destroy this weapon, built a tank from parts they found in a box and destroyed the weapon. Later, the Republic gunship returned to rescue the two clones after realizing the mistake.

1137 and 1139 were assigned to hunt the missing . They confronted several droids, and managed to escape. Later, 1137 met 's . While searching for R2-D2 on a different planet, 1139 expressed his wish for a real name to 1137. 1137 told 1139 that Clone Trooper #1139 was his name. 1139 decided his name should be , but 1137 told him that the gunman's name was Blasty. 1139 then decided that since was he going to give himself a name, 1137 needed one as well. However, each name that 1139 thought of, such as Tag, Bink, Fil, and Bly, were already taken. 1137 continued to insist that he didn't want a name.

After the clone troopers' pilot crash-landed on a ice planet, 1137 and the other clones walked over hills until they found shuttle. When Gunray opened the door, 1137 and the pilot claimed they were selling Clone Scout Cookies. Blasty and the clone commander then jumped onto Gunray and stole his Shuttle. As they left the planet,1137 remarked that 1139's didn't smell good.