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22K was a clone trooper during the clone wars

22k was posted in position atop a cannon overlooking a bridge, ordered by his commander to await the Separatist droid army, which was due to arrive in three hours. With Republic reinforcements delayed, the lone trooper was the only resistance that the droids would face on their way to a nearby mining colony. He was tasked with destroying a bridge across the canyon, halting their advance.

Using a , he lined up his shot, only to have one of the local creatures steal the rockets for the cannon. The creature took the rockets and darted into a nearby hole. 22k followed the creature, and took back his rockets, only to find that the tunnel wasn't stable enough to support his weight. The creature fled, leaving the clone, still clutching the rockets, to fall into an underground lake. As soon as he surfaced, he was attacked and swallowed by a massive underwater creature, but managed to blast his way out. Freed from its belly, he was subsequently swept away by the underground current.

Noticing that there was a waterfall up ahead, he attempted to cling onto a rock, but was soon found by the same thieving creature as before. The creature gleefully banged on the clone's hands, causing him to lose his grip. The trooper fell over the waterfall, only to land safely and find himself at the base of the bridge he was meant to destroy. He then saw that the Separatists were in the middle of their crossing. Thinking fast, 22k set the rockets at the bottom of one of the bridge's support beams and swam away, blasting the rockets once he had reached a safe distance. The rockets detonated and caused the bridge to explode and collapse, destroying the droid army. Wet and tired, the trooper returned to his previous station, ready to pack up the cannon and move on to his next assignment. The same small creature from before then darted in front of him, stealing the cannon and running away. 22k sighed and chased after him once again

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Clone Wars Adventures"- Waiting Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 10