Barlex Edit

 Barlex was a sergeant and the senior NCO  of Parjai Squad,  under the 2nd Airborne Company  . Barlex was an unsmiling, straightforward clone who had an animosity for Mandalorian . When Omega Squad were being transported aboard the Core Conveyor, Barlex gave them a hard time and criticized them for affiliating themselves with the Mandalorians, since the 2nd Airborne had lost many battles against Mandalorians allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems . Barlex outfitted the commandos with the standard sky trooper winged jetpack, ignoring RC-8015 's complaints about the contrast of color between the wings and Omega's matte black Mark III Katarn-class Commando Armor.

Appearances Edit

Star Wars Republic Commando: True Colors (First appearance)

Star Wars Imperial Commando: 501st (Mentioned only)