Child's Play (1988) Edit

On , mass murderer and voodoist Charles Lee Ray a.k.a. Chucky (Brad Dourif), the notorious "Lakeshore Strangler", is being chased by the police, his partner in crime Eddie Caputo drives off without him and leaves him on foot, fleeing Charles is wounded by a cop, Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon). Bleeding heavily, Ray stumbles into a toy store and collapses into a pile of Good Guy dolls. Knowing he will probably die, Ray threatens to kill Mike Norris and Eddie Caputo for betraying him and uses voodoo to transfer his soul into one of the dolls. The store is then struck by lightning and burns to the ground. The doll is found by a homeless man, and sold to Karen Barclay, who gives it to her son Andy as a birthday gift.

While Andy's mother is working late, his Aunt Maggie agrees to baby-sit. When she has Andy go to bed, which keeps Chucky from watching a news story about Eddie, he causes her to fall out a window to her death.

Detective Mike Norris, who is investigating Maggie's death, tells Karen about small footprints being discovered in a pool of flour where the murder took place; however, Andy's shoes do not match. When Andy comes into the room with Chucky in his arms, Mike asks Andy if he can see the bottoms of his shoes. He inspects them for a few seconds before Karen tells Andy to go back to bed. Back in his room Andy notices flour on the soles of Chucky’s shoes and runs to tell Karen and Mike.

As Karen takes Andy to school the next day, he sneaks out carrying Chucky with him. Andy takes a train to Eddie Caputo’s house, obviously with Chucky’s guidance as Andy is seen frequently putting Chucky’s face to his ear as if following his whispered instructions. As Andy wanders to go to the bathroom, he sets Chucky down in a rocking chair. The audience sees Chucky entering Eddie's house and turning on the gas cooker in the kitchen. Eddie becomes aware there is someone in his house and repeatedly fires his gun. Andy is looking for Chucky and hears these guns shots and runs towards Eddie's house. Eddie then fires a shot into the kitchen. The whole house promptly explodes, killing Eddie.

Thankfully, Andy seems unharmed as Mike Norris takes Karen to his office and Andy is being questioned by one of the investigators about Maggie's murder. Andy asks Chucky to speak, but he remains silent. Andy becomes angry and starts shaking Chucky and wants to know why he lied to him, but Chucky puts on his Good Guy voice again and Andy punches him in anger. He tells his mother Chucky’s not talking on purpose and that if Andy told anyone who Chucky was Chucky would kill Andy. A doctor voices over a tangy that Andy should spend a couple of days in his help center. Karen arrives back at her apartment carrying Chucky under her arm and goes into the kitchen and is about to throw away the box Chucky came in when sealed batteries fall onto the floor. Karen opens up the lid in his back where the batteries are supposed to go. There are none in there, and amazingly Chucky’s head rotates towards Karen and he says another Good Guy phrase with no batteries. Karen screams and drops him. She then picks him up and tells him to talk, but again he is silent. Karen lights the fireplace and threatens to throw Chucky in unless he talks. Chucky’s face contorts with rage and he curses and yells at her and bites her arm. Karen throws him away from her and he runs out of the apartment.

Karen runs back to the police station and tells Mike Andy was really telling the truth—that Chucky is alive and killed Maggie and Eddie Caputo. Mike instantly believes she is lying even when she shows him the batteries from the box and the wound on her arm. Karen decides to find Chucky herself by going to see the peddler she originally bought Chucky from. When Karen finds the peddler, he tries to rape her when Mike comes up from behind them and points a gun at him and the other people surrounding them, who scatter at once. Under Mike's threats, the peddler confesses he got Chucky from a burnt–down toy store. Mike tells Karen that Charles Lee Ray died at the same toy store and Mike was the one who killed him. Mike takes Karen back to the apartment and she tells him Chucky is Charles Lee Ray. Mike still refuses to believe this. Karen asks him where Ray used to live. Mike reluctantly tells her and then drives off. Mike goes back to his office and takes out Ray's file and gets back into his car. Unknowingly, Chucky is hiding in the back seat. Chucky tries to strangle Mike, causing the car to go out of control and turn upside down. Mike notices a figure run past him and tries to shoot it. Chucky laughs at Mike's attempt to hurt him. As Chucky charges at Mike with a knife, Mike successfully shoots Chucky in the chest. Chucky shouts in pain and retreats.

Karen has successfully located Charles Lee Ray's apartment. It is covered with ritual–like paintings and an inscription praising Damballa for giving life after death. Mike finds Karen and tells her Ray's alias was Chucky and he spent a lot of time with a man named John a.k.a. Dr. Death.

Chucky manages to find John before Karen and Mike do. According to John, Chucky is turning human. The more time he spends in the doll's body, the more human he becomes. John calls him an abomination. Chucky used everything John taught him for evil and must be stopped—but under Chucky’s voodoo torture John tells Chucky he must transfer his soul into the first person to whom he revealed who he really was. Chucky laughs in disbelief, realizing a six-year-old was the first person he revealed himself to. Chucky then mercilessly kills John with the knife and leaves. Karen and Mike arrive to see John lying on the floor dying. John tells them Chucky is planning to possess Andy's body like he has the doll's and must be stopped before he can recite a voodoo chant. Chucky’s heart is almost human. This is the only way to kill him.

While Andy is in a help center Andy sees Chucky outside the window climbing the stairs. Chucky steals keys to Andy's room and unlocks the door. Andy sneaks from under the table out the door and locks Chucky inside the room using the keys Chucky dropped on the floor. Then Andy flees to the apartment he lives in with his mother.

Andy takes a baseball bat out of a closet, as Chucky is breaking into the apartment through a chimney with the knife in his hand. He chases Andy into the living room, which is unhelpfully dark. Andy drops the bat. Chucky uses the bat to knock Andy out and begins the voodoo chant. Mike and Karen notice lightning similar to the lightning that occurred the night Chucky possessed the Good Guy Doll. They stop Chucky's chant. Karen successfully traps Chucky in the fireplace. Andy strikes a match. Chucky pleads with Andy, saying, "We're friends to the end, remember?" He bats his eyes imploringly but Andy is not fooled. "This IS the end, friend," he says, dropping the match into the fire. Chucky screams and struggles. His whole body becomes enflamed. Eventually he falls to the ground and is still. Karen carries Andy to bed. Mike is injured from a stab to the leg by Chucky. Karen tells Andy to get the first aid kit from under the sink. Andy gets the kit but notices Chucky is no longer in the living room. Andy runs back to his mother. A leg appears from behind a wall, tripping Andy up. Andy lands on the floor. He looks up and sees Chucky, his doll's body burnt to a cinder but still alive, holding his knife at the ready. Andy runs back to his mother. She tries to shut the door on Chucky. Chucky shouts he'll let her live if she gives him Andy, but she locks the door and another door leading to their room. Chucky successfully pulls open a door. He chases them into the hall, where Karen shoots off Chucky’s head, an arm and a leg, but Chucky still makes his way towards them. Finally, he falls halfway. As Karen is bandaging Mike's leg, another of Mike's workers arrives at the apartment to call an ambulance. He notices Chucky’s burnt and severed head and believes there's no way he could still be alive, but Chucky’s body appears seconds later and tries to strangle him, with Chucky's head egging Chucky's body on angrily. Under Karen's instruction, Mike finally shoots Chucky's heart, destroying him. As the ambulance arrives, Andy looks back at the ruined Good Guy doll with a worried look.

Child's Play 2 (1990) Edit

The sequel is set two years later. The previously cindered Chucky doll has been reconstructed head to toe. Bad publicity about Play Pals Inc. is all over the newspapers regarding Andy Barclay's killer Good Guy Doll. Andy has been sent to a Children's Crisis Center and his mother is under psychiatric observation. According to the Child's Play comic miniseries, Detective Norris was threatened with dismissal unless he testified that Karen was unstable. As Chucky is being rebuilt, a bolt of electricity shoots through him and kills the worker who is controlling the machinery.

While Andy is in the Crisis Center, he tells his mentor about Chucky, which gives a recap to the audience about what happened in the first film. A near-stereotypical husband-and-wife couple, Joanne and Phil Simpson (Jenny Agutter and Gerrit Graham), agree to foster Andy until his mother is able to look after him again. Andy meets an older girl, Kyle (Christine Elise), who is also living with Phil and Joanne. Andy is escorted to his new bedroom and he looks around eagerly, when he opens the wardrobe door and a Good Guy Doll falls onto him causing Andy to run away in fright. Phil tells Andy it's only a doll and Joanne removes it from the room, the doll's name is later revealed to be Tommy.

Chucky’s new Good Guy body is placed into the back of one of the worker's of Play Pals Inc. cars. He stops briefly into a shop, while Chucky notices a nearby phone and a briefcase full of files. He telephones the Crisis Center and discovers Andy is no longer there, so in order to find out where he is Chucky pretends to be Andy's uncle Charles. As soon as the worker returns to the shop, for reasons better known to him, Chucky tells him to drive to where he wants and then kills him.

As Joanne is reading Andy a story and tucking him into bed, Andy says he misses his mother and wants Joanne to sing for him like she used to. Chucky has discovered where Andy is now living and breaks into the house and waits at the bottom of the stairs. With no signs of Andy, Chucky takes this as a bad shot and notices Tommy, the Good Guy Doll from Andy's bedroom next to him. With the Good Guy saying his phrases, Chucky becomes annoyed and hits him with Joanne's priceless ornament until it shatters. He then buries Tommy in the garden under a swing, laughing manically.

The shattered remains of the ornament are discovered the next day by an angry Phil and Joanne. With Andy and Kyle both denying they broke it, Phil makes them do chores for the rest of the day. Andy soon overhears Phil expressing the feeling that he questions Andy's sanity and Andy may need more mental help that can be provided by them selves, Joanne sympathizes with Andy saying he needs more time to recover and she does like him. Andy walks into the living room and sees a Good Guy Doll on a table, which he thinks is the doll from his room but is in fact Chucky. Chucky puts on his Good Guy voice and his eyes dart to be Phil and Joanne are, he says his name is Tommy and the familiar "friend to the end" quotes. Andy picks up Chucky and opens the lid on his back to find Good Guy batteries inside, he sighs with relief and takes Chucky down to the laundry room with him. Phil and Joanne share surprised looks at this.

While Kyle is gardening, Andy is on the swing with Chucky not too far away. Andy asks Kyle if she misses her parents. She clearly wishes she had a permanent family but to hide the fact. Kyle soon decides to get on the swing after Andy and he takes great pleasure in pushing her on the swing even though she constantly tells him to stop. Chucky is watching Andy and Kyle the whole time. Phil calls Kyle and Andy inside the house for dinner, Andy looks back at Chucky and takes him inside with him.

That night, Chucky ties Andy to his bed and tries to swap bodies. Luckily, Kyle, Phil, and Joanne all come into the room. Chucky pretends to be a normal doll again as Kyle unties Andy. Despite being tied up, nobody believes that Chucky is really alive. In order to calm Andy down, Phil throws Chucky into the basement. As Phil exits, Chucky gets up and realizes that he's bleeding, which means he is turning human again.

On Andy's first day of his new school, Chucky follows him and frames him for writing an obscenity saying "Fuck you bitch!" on his homework. Andy opens a cupboard door and notices Chucky in there. He tries to run when his abusive teacher tells him off for the insults on his homework. Andy protests his innocence and looks at Chucky nervously, his teacher believing Andy wants to play with the doll, locks it in a supplies cupboard. The teacher then locks the classroom so Andy can't get out and leaves momentarily. Andy then walks up to the locked cupboard and pears through the keyhole, Chucky’s eye pops up unexpectedly and Andy tries to break down the classroom door so he can get away. Chucky asks in a fake sweet voice to be let out and he promises he won't kill anyone else. Andy knows better than that and opens the window so he can squeeze out under Chucky’s anger getting the better of him and viciously shaking the locked door. The teacher soon returns and finds Andy gone, believing him to be in the supplies cupboard as the door is still shaking violently. When Chucky realizes who it is however, he stops trying to open the door. The teacher unlocks the door demanding Andy to come out, when Chucky stabs her with an air pump and she falls back against the desks. Chucky walks up to her maliciously brandishing a foot long ruler which he uses to beat her.

Back at the house, Andy tells Phil and Joanne that Chucky followed him to school so he ran back home. Phil takes Andy to the cellar door to show Chucky lying exactly where he was when he was thrown down there. Later, Phil and Joanne have an argument in their bedroom over Andy. Phil argues that Andy is presumably criminally insane and if he stays he'll tear the family apart, Joanne argues that Phil didn't want him in the first place, Andy is sitting miserably on his bed listening. Kyle tries to make him feel better, but Andy says wherever he goes Chucky will find him. Later that night, Andy takes an electric knife from the kitchen and goes down into the cellar intending to finish Chucky himself. Chucky leaps on top of him and tries to stop him reaching the knife which he dropped. Phil overhears a noise and gets out of bed to investigate. Andy soon reaches the knife and strikes Chucky with it, but has no time to do anything else as Chucky has scattered after Phil has appeared on the stairs. Phil looks as if he fears for Andy's sanity as he sees him with a knife, and he asks him to put it down and slowly walks towards him. Under the stairs, Chucky is holding a long hooked pole and trips Phil up on the stairs when he falls and is killed. Joanne and Kyle must have overheard the noise as they come to the cellar. Joanne is distraught to find her husband dead and angrily believes it is Andy who's murdered him. Grace Poole, the head of the Children's Crisis Center, arrives to take Andy back. Before he leaves, Andy warns Kyle that Chucky is still in the cellar. Kyle is back down in the cellar being questioned by one of the investigators who arrived, afterward she throws Chucky into a bin outside the house.

Kyle lights a cigarette and gets on the swing to calm her nerves, she soon notices something buried under the swing and pulls it out to reveal a Good Guy Doll. She looks suspiciously back towards the house and opens the bin she threw Chucky in only to find it empty. Kyle goes back into the house and takes a small knife from a cupboard she holds it at the ready and climbs the stairs. She enters Joanne's room only to find she's been killed, Kyle sits on the bed shocked, when Chucky jumps from under the sheets and leaps on top of Kyle. Chucky takes Kyle's knife and threatens her to take her to where Andy is. While driving, Kyle is stopped by a police car, and later has an idea to stop suddenly so Chucky flies through the windscreen and she tries and run him over. This fails as Chucky appears from nowhere, livid. Under Chucky’s threats, Kyle activates the fire alarm of the Crisis Center causing everyone to leave and Andy sees Kyle holding Chucky looking worried, Andy seems to understand at once. Grace Poole, noticing Kyle and Andy, realizes one of them pulled the alarm. Chucky kills her and locks Kyle out of the room so Chucky can make his demands to Andy.

Having left the Crisis Center, with Chucky holding his knife to Andy, he tells him to get inside a large newspaper van so they can get away. Kyle restarts her damaged car and finds the van Chucky and Andy is in. She fails to save Andy from the van as she notices it is empty. The Play Pals factory is seen up ahead with Andy running towards it with Chucky still around his neck, Kyle successfully enters the factory before the door closes. Chucky knocks Andy out and says his voodoo chant with Kyle running around the factory trying to find them. Lightning strikes and the whole building shakes as Chucky finishes his chant, but Andy wakes up and sees Chucky’s nose is bleeding again. Chucky screams in anger, realizing he's spent too much time in the doll's body and is now trapped. Kyle pushes a large stack of Good Guy Doll boxes on top of Chucky, giving Andy time to make a run for it. Kyle and Andy run through the labyrinth of boxes and realize their only way out is climbing the shack the boxes come through. Kyle successfully makes it to the top but Andy only gets near the top and fall back down again, Chucky makes a surprise by popping up angrily and climbs the shack to hunt Andy. Andy makes it to the top this time with Kyle's help, and they pull down a bar door so Chucky can't follow, the bar door slams on Chucky’s hand. As Andy and Kyle run away, Chucky tries to free his hand from under the bars and ends up tearing his hand away from his arm. He pulls the handle off his knife and braces himself for a few seconds before he pushes his wounded arm onto the blade, screaming. While Andy and Kyle are still trying to find a way out, Andy accidentally leans on a button causing a machine to start making the doll models to move up a platform and into a part of the machine that attaches and detaches limbs of the dolls. Chucky appears n of the moving platforms and makes a swipe on at Andy, he ducks while Kyle hits Chucky making him fall against another machine which knots him down to one of the moving platforms. Under Kyle's advice, Andy restarts the machine he accidentally started before and the platform Chucky is attached to begins to move. Chucky begs Andy to stop the machine saying he was "only playing", but Kyle smiles and flips him off, and Andy shares the same smile too, when the machine starts to work. As the machine is selecting body parts and entering the other part of the machine, Chucky’s agonized screams are heard. Andy stops the machine after a bit and the platform Chucky was on is revealed to be covered with blood and severed doll's legs, including his own. Kyle and Andy are both shocked but relieved, and decide to find the way out. Not long afterward, Kyle is knocked out and lands onto a platform. Andy turns around terrified, and sees Chucky moving towards him on a board with wheels treating to cut off his legs too. Chucky makes a move and his arm with the knife attached, gets stuck between the bars of a radiator. A splash lands on top of the radiator, steaming and sizzling. Chucky looks up and sees boiling liquid plastic inside a metal vent, Andy smiles and pulls the lever making the boiling liquid plastic cover him and thought to be killing him. Andy runs back to revive Kyle and pull her off the platform, he then takes her to where a liquid plastic mound is, covering Chucky. Kyle looks relieved but Chucky leaps up and tries to strangle her. She then shoves an air hose into Chucky’s mouth making his head explode, finally killing him. Andy and Kyle finally find a way out of the factory and wonder where home is. In a televised alternate ending it reveals that half of Chucky’s exploded head is in a vat of plastic goo, which in turn creates another doll head (after sinking into the plastic) which smiles an evil smile as the film ends.

Child's Play 3 (1991) Edit

The film begins with the same final scene as the last film, except many years have passed and all the doll models and machinery are covered with cobwebs. The remains of Chucky’s body are picked up by a metal claw, which pierces it causing blood to leak out. The body is carried over a giant vat of boiling liquid plastic and some blood lands into it. The liquid plastic begins to bubble and Chucky’s new plastic body slowly begins to take shape. Play Pals Inc. re-releases its old "Good Guy" toy line, believing that their bad publicity have abated after so many years. The president of the company takes the new doll into his office, when Chucky breaks out and tortures him with marbles, darts and finally chokes him to death with a yo-yo string. Chucky uses the computer in the room to find out where Andy is now.

Andy (now played by Justin Whalin) has grown up into a good-looking 16-year-old, and has been sent to military school, having failed to cope in several foster homes. Colonel Cochran, head of the military school, unsympathetically agrees to let Andy in because he's had a rough life but tells him to grow up and forget the killer doll fantasies. Andy first has to have his hair cut by Sgt. Botnick, who constantly parades around all the male soldiers checking their hair isn't too long. Andy sees a Good Guy Doll advert on a nearby television and is very clearly disturbed. After his haircut, he enters his room and hears banging coming from a nearby wardrobe door. Understandably, Andy is worried and cautious as he opens the door, but a soldier, by the name of Whitehurst, topples out whom has been tied up. He tells Andy it was done by the brutal commanding officer Cadet Lt. Col. Brett C. Shelton (Travis Fine).

A younger recruit, Ronald Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers) is asked to deliver a package to Andy's room, but the torn package reveals to be a Good Guy Doll. Excited, Tyler takes the package to the cellar and opens it there. Chucky burst out of his box and is annoyed to see someone other than Andy. With a sudden thought, Chucky realizes he's got a new body and not told anyone who he really is yet. He asks Tyler his name, and he introduces himself as Chucky but whispers his real name is Charles Lee Ray. A female soldier named Kristin De Silva (Perrey Reeves) seems much taken by Andy and is more than glad to teach him how to use a rifle properly, and they both happily insult Shelton at the same time. Back in the cellar, Chucky tells Tyler he wants to play his game "Hide the Soul", Tyler lies on the floor while Chucky places a hand on his forehead and begins his voodoo chant to transfer his soul into Tyler's body. Unfortunately for Chucky, he is interrupted by Colonel Cochran. The Colonel shows disapproval of Tyler playing with dolls and takes it away. As the Colonel is walking with Chucky across the soldier's training field, Andy falls into a state of shock after seeing Chucky, earning him a shouting at from Shelton. Colonel Cochran throws Chucky into a garbage van, Chucky screams for help and the driver of the van foolishly and bravely gets into the back where all the rubbish is to find the person. However, Chucky has managed to get out and into the front activating the crushes of the van and the driver suffers a terrible death. The man's screams alert the soldiers and Shelton orders them to follow the sound, Andy looks both worried and understanding. The soldiers discover the van leaking blood and a visible motionless arm.

Back in Andy's room, Whitehurst is polishing Shelton's shoes, and Andy talks to him about the Good Guy Doll that Colonel Cochran had before the accident. Before Whitehurst leaves to wash, he asks Andy about a package Tyler was supposed to give him, Andy says he never got it. Andy takes out a picture of his mother and him when he was six and looks at it sadly for a bit. He then begins to sort out his clothes in his trunk when from under the bed, Chucky swipes Andy's ankle with a knife Andy was holding not long before. Andy staggers to the ground and looks up horrified to see Chucky once again. Andy pulls down a chair over himself for protection while Chucky comes towards him, he notices a magazine not far away of girls in swimsuits and mockingly states "how you've grown." Andy tells Chucky that he won't kill him as he needs his body to transfer his soul into. Chucky tells him he's got someone new and he won't let Andy stop him this time. With a look of horror, Andy realizes its Tyler and tells Chucky he won't let him near him, and throws one of Shelton's shoes at Chucky and starts slamming him on the ground. Shelton suddenly enters the room to find Andy slamming Chucky against the floor, but Chucky cleverly took his limb doll form. Shelton takes the doll from Andy and says it would make a good present for his nephew's birthday. Later that night, Andy sneaks into Shelton's room and tries to find Chucky, but Chucky sneaks up behind him with one of the knives from the display board. Andy falls onto Shelton's bed with fright, waking him up. Shelton discovers Chuckey’s gone and thinks Andy took him, when Andy can't give an explanation, Shelton sets the all the male soldiers night training as a punishment. Andy asks Whitehurst where the younger soldiers sleep and he tells him, but also asks Andy what he is trying to prove. Andy reluctantly tells him Chucky is alive and after Tyler, typically, Whitehurst doesn't believe him.

To Chuckey’s annoyance, Tyler has left a note on his bed telling Chucky to come find him. Tyler ends up hiding in Colonel Cochran's office and Chucky finds him in the wardrobe. De Silva and her friend also enter the Colonel's office as De Silva wants to find out more about Andy. The two girls discover Tyler holding Chucky and the girls put lipstick on Chuckey’s mouth, much to Tyler's annoyance but not nearly as bad as Chuckey’s. Colonel Cochran enters his office after the two girls and Tyler leave. He discovers Chucky in the room, who immediately brandishes his knife at him. The Colonel cloches his heart and staggers, Chucky is deeply annoyed by this as the Colonel collapses. The next day, the soldiers are in the canteen and have a moment of silence for Colonel Cochran. When the soldiers take their seats, De Silva tries catching Andy's eye. Sgt. Botnick comes up to certain soldiers telling them off for their hair styles and given them days to have them cut. Andy goes over to Tyler's table and warns him he's got to stay away from Chucky. Tyler thinks Andy is jealous Chucky is his friend rather than Andy's now. After breakfast, Whitehurst is getting his hair made shorter by Sgt. Botnick all the while insulting him. Once Whitehurst has left, Botnick discovers Chucky’s limb form in a cupboard. For reasons better known to him, Botnick decides to shave Chucky’s hair down, but Chucky slits his throat with a razor in the chair. As Chucky is laughing, Whitehurst comes back having forgotten something to discover Botnick dead and Chucky turning to look at him. Whitehurst runs away with fright.

Shelton has later gathered all the soldiers together to tell them the planned war games will continue with half the soldiers on a red team and the others on a blue team. Chucky takes the red team's rifles, originally loaded with paint bullets and replaces them with live rounds. Whitehurst arrives to the other soldiers shocked, noticed by Andy. As the soldiers are marching into the forest to camp, Whitehurst is still in shock and silent. Andy realizes Whitehurst must have seen Chucky and asks him to help him keep Tyler safe, but Whitehurst denies he saw anything.

As the blue team is gathered around a fire, De Silva is telling a ghost story. Andy leaves as soon as she's finished and De Silva follows him and takes him to where there's a view of a fun fair. She then pulls Andy into a kiss, Chucky is hiding and watching them and angrily says he wants to get out of his doll's body. It is later discovered in Andy's and Whitehurst's tent that a map has been stolen and Andy is gone. Tyler is also missing from his tent and Andy finds out from another young soldier he's gone with Chucky. Chucky tells Andy to play "Hide the Soul" but Tyler doesn't want to. After Chucky insults him, Tyler tells him off for his language. Tyler refers to Chucky as Charles throughout the film and this time seems one too many as Chucky pulls out his knife and tells him to stop calling him that. Tyler finally realizes Chucky is bad after all and Andy was telling the truth. Tyler stabs Chucky in the chest and runs off to find Andy. He finally finds him and Chuckey’s voice comes over Shelton's radio, telling Andy to bring Tyler to him. De Silva's voice is also heard over the radio and Chucky threatens Andy to bring Tyler to him or he'll kill her. Chucky pretends to be a fellow soldier and calls the red team on the radio to come to the abandoned jeep, where he is holding De Silva hostage. Shelton tells Andy to take Tyler to Chucky and he and the others will circle them. Tyler and Andy both express fear as they approach Chucky, but Andy stops Tyler going to him. Chucky pulls the tag from a grenade and threatens to throw it, so Tyler moves forwards. Chucky lets De Silva leave as Tyler takes her place. The blue team soon advances forward and take a couple shots at the jeep, and one which hit Chucky. In a few seconds, the red team appears, and fires a shot which hits Shelton in the chest. Chucky is thrilled and falls into a hysterical fit of laughter as the red team fires their live rounds at the blue team. The captain of the red team soon realizes the shots are live and tells the team to stop. Andy is once again, accused of Chuckey’s evil deed and is blamed for Shelton's death, De Silva defends Andy. While Chucky is still in hysterics, Tyler makes a sneaky getaway and by the time Chucky has stopped laughing, Tyler has gone. He angrily throws the grenade at the arguing soldiers and chases after Tyler. Whitehurst seems to be the only one who sees the danger and bravely leaps on top of the grenade and sacrifices himself to save the others. Andy is shocked, and sees Chucky getting away and runs after him, De Silva follows him while her friend cries over Whitehurst's lifeless form.

Tyler has found the fun fair and tells a security guard Chuckey’s after him. But horribly enough, in an aid to cheer Tyler up, the guard gives him a doll which is actually Chucky. Andy and De Silva also manage to find the fun fair, but also the security guard is dead, De Silva takes his gun for safety. Tyler is holding Chucky as Chucky is holding a gun at Tyler's chest (Chucky possibly killed that guard off-screen and nabbed his gun), he tells him to go into a haunted house. Andy and De Silva manage to find Tyler and Chucky, but Chucky shoots De Silva in the leg and Andy has to fight Chucky alone. As Chucky is chasing Tyler, a huge Grim Reaper statue swings its scythe, slicing off half of Chucky's face; this still doesn't stop him from hunting Tyler, and when Tyler is knocked out by the wing of a giant plastic figure, Chucky begins his chant. Andy climbs the fake skull mountain and sees a giant fan below it. He manages to shoot off one of Chucky’s arms, then his chest, and stops his chant. Chucky angrily puts his arms around Andy's neck. Tyler gives Andy a knife and he cuts off Chucky’s other hand causing him to fall into the giant fan, cutting him to pieces. Andy, presumably suspected for the murders caused by Chucky, was taken away by the police, while De Silva is taken to the nearby hospital, and a garbage collector is seen salvaging Chucky's remains

Bride Of Chucky (1998) Edit

One night, Chucky’s girlfriend Tiffany, murders a police officer and takes the remains of the Chucky doll. After calmly slitting the throat of the cop she bribed to steal his remains out of the evidence room (which also contains items which appear to be Freddy Krueger's sweater, hat and glove as well as Jason Voorhees' hockey mask and machete and Michael Myers William Shatner mask), Tiffany returns to her trailer and sews Chucky back together. She uses an incantation from a book entitled "Voodoo for Dummies" to reanimate Chucky. The spell at first doesn't seem to work, deeply annoying her. Tiffany's current boyfriend, Damien, comes into her caravan to reveal a photo of someone he killed. Tiffany is impressed but notices it is in fact Damien who is pretending to be a dead body. Tiffany's attitude immediately changes from annoyance at Damien to shock as the Chucky doll that was lying on the floor minutes ago has gone. As Tiffany is searching for Chucky, Damien is trying to entice her but she is completely distracted by her search for Chucky, when he suddenly appears sitting next to her. Damien is unimpressed by the doll, thinking Chucky is from the 80's and no longer scary. Tiffany handcuffs Damien to her bed and does as seductive dance at him though she mainly concentrates on Chucky. She tells Damien she and Chucky lived together for years before he passed his soul into the Good Guy Doll. Damien finds this hilarious, while Tiffany says she and Chucky were going to get married and he was the best lover she ever had. The second Damien insults Chucky’s manhood, his head rotates backwards to face Damien who looks terrified, Tiffany is also shocked but pleased. Chucky, laughing manically pulls Damien's lip ring away and suffocates Damien with a pillow. Chucky notices the photo of Damien pretending to be dead and is disgusted why Tiffany is with him. Tiffany tells him she was never with him, she'd kill anyone but only sleep with someone she loves. Chucky invites Tiffany to pick him up and hold him. Soon after, Tiffany proudly tells Chucky she wore a ring he supposedly left for her since the night he was killed, making it ten years. But Chucky said that he had stolen the ring from a wealthy old woman named Vivian Van Pelt as it's worth $5000–$6000. A heartbroken Tiffany realizes Chucky had no plans to marry her and when she asks him this he simply roars with laughter. Tiffany can't believe she'd thought Chucky had changed and the fact she'd brought him back to life in the first place. Chucky makes demands to Tiffany help him get out of his plastic body "once and for all!" Tiffany playfully says she prefers him as a doll and tickles him until he's weak with laughter. She then angrily confines Chucky to a playpen which she bought for the baby she wanted to have.

After Chucky has recovered, he realizes Tiffany is still keen on getting married and agrees to marry her. Tiffany mockingly states she's "not into short guys" and leaves him in his prison. Tiffany spends the night crying due to her broken heart. The next day, Tiffany seems a bit more cheerful and tells Chucky it would do him good to settle down. Chucky, still locked in his playpen, is thrilled and promises to treat her like a princess. However, the package Tiffany unwraps is revealed to be a doll of a bride with the ring Tiffany wore in the necklace around the doll's neck. Chucky is livid and vows to kill her. While Tiffany is having a bath, Chucky uses the ring from the doll's necklace to sever one of the wooden pillars and soon escapes. He drags the bride doll along with him as he heads for Tiffany's bathroom. Chucky pushes the television Tiffany is watching into her bath tub and electrocutes her. He begins his voodoo chant to transfer her soul into her bridal doll. It takes a little while to work but soon the bride doll is possessed by Tiffany's soul. She screams and angrily punches Chucky in the face. As she is reading the same book she used to revive Chucky, Chucky states that the only way to return to human form is with The Heart of Damballa, a mystical amulet that Chucky was wearing the night he was killed and became a doll. In order to get to Forrest Creek Cemetery in Hackensack, New Jersey, where Chucky’s human corpse is buried along with the amulet, Tiffany calls her neighbor Jesse (Nick Stabile), offering to pay him to get them there by the next day. Unaware that Tiffany and Chucky are dolls, he takes advantage of the opportunity to take his girlfriend Jade (Katherine Heigl) from her overprotective uncle, Warren Kincaid (John Ritter). Tiffany gives her new body a makeover to make her look like her former human self. She dyes her hair light blonde, apply dark makeup, black nail varnish, biker boots, black leather jacket, and a Chucky heart tattoo on her plastic breast.

Chucky is definitely turned on by Tiffany's new look. Jesse soon arrives to pick up the dolls and reads the note left by Tiffany stating where to take them. He soon arrives at Jade's house and asks her to run away with him and get married, she accepts and they both run into her house to pack her bags. Tiffany awed at their romantic relationship while Chucky is disgusted. Meanwhile Warren is hiding behind their van and is trying to break in. Chucky plans to stab him with the knife he took from Tiffany's utility draw. She tells Chucky stabbings are old fashioned and he should improvise, Tiffany suddenly notices a jar of nails. Warren successfully breaks into the van and hides a bag of weed in the back of the van, when he hears Chucky and Tiffany giggling. Warren slowly makes his way to the front of the van when he sees the suddenly silent and motionless dolls. He also sees a row of nails lined up and Tiffany gives Chucky the signal and he cuts a wire causing the nails to fly at Warren's face, killing him. Chucky is satisfied with Tiffany’s idea but calls her an amateur. He and Tiffany hide Warren's body in a trunk in the back and resume their still form, while Jesse and Jade return and start the van. Chucky notices the bag of weed and pockets it excitedly. Jesse and Jade are forced to stop a little while later by one of the police officers helping Warren to keep Jade and Jesse apart. Jade angrily punches him while Chucky is enjoying some of the weed back in the van, must to Tiffany's displeasure.

The officer looks around Jesse and Jade's van and almost discovers Warren's body in the trunk before Tiffany surreptitiously kicks him and Chucky throws the bag of weed into view. The officer finds it and tells Jesse to stay where he is before he returns to his car. Chucky takes a wad of cloth and Tiffany's lighter she stole from the cop she killed and sneaks over to the officer's car. He pulls open the petrol lid and stuffs the cloth into it before he sets it alight, he then crawls back to the van but not before flipping off a stoned teen. Within a minute the car explodes, killing the cop and spreading fire. Jesse and Jade are blamed for this murder and have to move fast in the van. They are both very uneasy and each believes the other has committed the murder, Chucky and Tiffany are laughing quietly while they're both arguing. Jesse and Jade's friend, David soon phones to tell them to stay low for a while and tells Jade Warren is missing. While Jesse and Jade have stopped off at a wedding chapel to get married, Tiffany talks to Chucky about her ideal wedding. Chucky’s expression softens slightly and he apologizes to her for everything. Tiffany says that she always wanted the two of them to spend more time together, by traveling and seeing the world. Amazingly Chucky is looking at her with affection. Tiffany states the irony of how the two are spending their time now and the both laugh together. Shockingly, Warren pops up from out of the trunk Chucky and Tiffany hid him in. They both scream and Chucky quickly pulls out his knife and kills him for good. Jesse and Jade decide to rest at a motel, where they meet newlyweds Diane and Russ. These are both annoying and sly as Diane steals the money Tiffany left for Jesse. Tiffany notices this and is livid. She soon kills them by falling shards of glass when she throws a bottle of wine to the ceiling mirror. Chucky is overwhelmed by Tiffany's creative murder and is momentarily speechless. He soon turns to her and exclaims "I love you!" and he proposes to her in his own romantic way. Tiffany is accepts and is reduced to tears of happiness and they have sex, apparently the more time they spend in the body of the dolls, and the more human they become, mentioned in the first film, including the human ability to reproduce. Unknown to the dolls, Tiffany becomes pregnant.

When the bodies of the newlyweds are discovered by the hotel maid, Jesse and Jade are especially wanted by the police. David soon arrives at the scene and tells them he does not believe either of them are killers. He soon smells something unpleasant and looks around the van, noticing a small trail of blood from the trunk. David soon discovers Warren's body and is shocked at the sight, but now believing Jesse and Jade are really killers, he takes Warren's gun. He tells them to stop the van and shows them the body, ignoring their protests, David shouts to a passing police car. Chucky and Tiffany spring to life holing guns at the ready, David, disbelieving backs away and is killed by a passing truck. As Jesse and Jade are forced to drive the dolls to the cemetery, they introduce themselves and Jesse, stupefied, realizes Tiffany is his neighbor. Chucky and Tiffany both reveal they're planning to take over Jesse and Jade's bodies. It is revealed on the radio that fingerprints have been found and they belong to Chucky, and his corpse will be dug up and examined. Chucky decides they need to get new transport and hijack a recreational vehicle from another couple, Jesse and Jade are forced to drive the dolls to the cemetery in Hackensack.

On the way, Tiffany bakes Swedish meatballs and cookies for Chucky. He kisses her in thanks and tells Jesse he never would have waited so long to get married if he knew it was so good. Jesse notices a stack of dirty dishes and points this out to Chucky. Who casually tells Tiffany the dishes "won't wash themselves." This deeply angers her and she and Chucky get into a fight. Jade kicks Tiffany into the oven and Jesse crashes the van after hitting Chucky out of a window. The van soon explodes and Tiffany is weak on the ground. She reaches for a gun but Jesse gets it first and is about to shoot her, but he notices Jade is carrying Chucky who is pointing a gun at her. Chucky tells Jade to open his coffin and give him the amulet, she does and some how manages to get out of the grave. Jesse soon arrives and he and Chucky point guns at each other. Jesse has Tiffany under his arm and threatens to shoot her, Chucky demands he lets her go, but Jesse tells him to let Jade go first. Chucky reluctantly agrees and Jesse lets Tiffany go.

As soon as Jade runs into Jesse's arms, Chucky throws his knife at them, but bravely, Jesse stops the knife going into Jade and takes it in his back. Jesse and Jade are soon tied back to back while Chucky is saying his voodoo chant to transfer his and Tiffany's souls into their bodies. Tiffany looks deeply uneasy and crawls to lean her head on Chucky’s side, stating her love for him. Chucky looks at her with interest and kisses Tiffany at her request. As they are kissing, Tiffany pulls Chucky’s knife from his trousers and he falls to the ground. She states they both belong dead and tells her darling she'll see him in Hell. Jesse and Jade have managed to free themselves, Tiffany is happily watching them but is hit over the head with a shuffle. Chucky is still alive and he and Tiffany have a much more brutal fight, ending with Chucky stabbing Tiffany in the chest. Jesse hits Chucky with the same spade sending him flying into his own coffin. He's clearly terrified at the sight of his own body and tries to climb out of the grave but Jesse has taken the ladder away. The police show up not much later, and Jade takes one of their guns and shoots Chucky. But he vows he'll be back again, "I always come back!" But before she shoots Chucky he sighs, "But dying is such a bitch." Chucky is finished. The police confirm that Jesse and Jade are innocent after all and call forensics to the cemetery. The head investigator notices Tiffany's lifeless form. But she comes around screaming and gives birth to a bloody baby doll (it is only natural to assume that Chucky is the father). The baby soon attacks the policeman thus, ending the movie.

Seed Of Chucky (2004) Edit

Six years after the events of Bride of Chucky, the offspring of Chucky and Tiffany, a gender-confused doll named Glen (voiced by Billy Boyd), is being kept by the malicious 'ventriloquist' Psychos. He has grown up as an orphan in Great Britain. He states he has horrible nightmares "filled with hate, blood and guts" he says he's not like that at all. He also wonders what his parents were like, mentioning heroic jobs and wonderful honors, but the audience knows why his nightmares are so horrible. The next scene shoots to a movie set where the Chucky and Tiffany dolls have be reconstructed for a new horror movie based on their "legend". Real-life actress Jennifer Tilly (playing herself) has been cast in the role of playing Tiffany as a human. Off the set she complains about not having real roles anymore and realizes from her friend Joan that Redman is offering an acting part. Glen sees his parents in an episode of Access Hollywood on the upcoming movie Chucky Goes Psycho. He successfully escapes his prison from Psychos and mails himself to Hollywood. Once there, he unsurely uses Chucky’s amulet to transfer Chucky’s and Tiffany's souls into the new dolls that the studio is using for their movie.

Chucky and Tiffany wake up and notice Glen who introduces himself as "Shitface". This deeply amuses Chucky, but Tiffany asks Glen where his parents are with Chucky making insulting comments about Glen through this laughter. Glen holds up his wrist to show the words "made in Japan", Chucky and Tiffany are speechless. Chucky looks at his own wrist and sees the exact same words etched there. Tiffany hugs Glen with joy while Chucky faints. Glen tells Tiffany she and Chucky are in Hollywood and saw them on television. Tiffany is overjoyed at her new makeover and the fact she and Chucky are now movie stars. One of the puppeteers of the movie set enters the room and plans to examine Chucky and Tiffany, but that change when they use a long piece of wire to pull his head off. Realizing their same addiction for murder, Chucky and Tiffany passionately kiss. Glen is horrified by his parents' murderous lifestyle and wets his pants. Chucky is annoyed but Tiffany says "she just had an accident." Chucky changes this to "HE had an accident." He and Tiffany look at Glen for support but he is unsure himself. Seeing that Glen has no genitalia Tiffany is convinced he's a girl, but Chucky is convinced he's a boy who's just "a late bloomer." He also decides to give him the name Glen. Tiffany is annoyed that isn't a real name for a girl so decides to use Glenda.

Jennifer Tilly enters the scene to take back the chocolate bar she'd hidden in Chucky’s trousers, she discovers the dead body and immediately becomes a suspect by the press. Chucky, Tiffany and Glen sneak into Jennifer's limousine and they plan that Tiffany will transfer her soul into Jennifer and Chucky will transfer his soul into Redman. Tiffany also has planned a human body for Glen by using Jennifer as a "surrogate mother." The three of them overhear that Jennifer is meeting up with Redman to discuss the acting role with him. This is automatically suspected of cheating on her driver, Stan (Steve Lawton) who seems to really like her. Tiffany is disgusted by Jennifer's cheating.

Chucky and Tiffany are now staying in Jennifer's attic in her mansion and tucking Glen in to bed. Chucky is subconsciously tapping a knife on the side of his pram which makes Glen asks his parents why they kill, to which they are momentarily stunned. Chucky replies that it's a hobby and "it helps us relax." Glen worries that he'll be following in his mother and father's footsteps to which Chucky points out that murder has been a family tradition for generations and violence isn't bad. But he insists it violins are bad. Because they've become parents, Tiffany proposes to end their murderous ways, with Chucky constantly refusing until he reluctantly promises. (But he keeps his fingers crossed.)

Much to Tiffany's annoyance, she is watching Jennifer and Redman together on a couch, while Chucky is in the bathroom producing sperm, which will be used to impregnate Jennifer in order to give Glen a human body. Unknowingly to all of them, one of the photographers, Pete Peters (John Waters) of the press has snuck in and is taking pictures of Jennifer and Redman and even of Chucky. Tiffany hits Redman over the head knocking him out and tells Jennifer off for lack of self respect, she then amusingly asks for her autograph. Tiffany's sudden appearance terrifies Jennifer and she runs away only to spot Chucky which frightens her more. Tiffany finally knocks her out by throwing a trophy at her. Chucky and Tiffany put Jennifer and Redman onto a double bed and impregnate Jennifer with Chucky’s sperm. Once this is done, Chucky invites Glen on a "boys' night out" and together they crash into Britney Spear’s car when it promptly explodes, with Chucky laughing "Oops! I did it again!" They soon arrive at a media building where Peters works. He notices the Chucky doll and ignores it until he notices one of the photos he took is identical to Chucky. Chucky is now hanging from the ceiling with a knife in his mouth but Glen tries to stop Chucky knifing the photographer making him bump into a shelf causing sculpture acid to fall on him. Chucky is so proud of Glen, but tells him not to tell Tiffany while he takes a picture of the two of them beside the dead photographer.

The next morning Tiffany is reading a 12 step programmed of how to stop addictions. She follows one of the steps and phones the widow of a man she killed and apologizes for killing her husband. The widow thinks this is a sick joke and promptly cries, but Tiffany is satisfied she's made amends. In the evening, Jennifer tells Redman she's pregnant and he must be the father but he says confidently that he had a vasectomy when he got into Hollywood. Jennifer is surprised and Redman tells her he can't hire her for his role if she's pregnant. Tiffany is furious and is tempted to kill Redman with a nearby knife. She phones the Recovery Hotline for help and says she's worried she's "going to have a slip". The man on the other end admits his own addiction to Tiffany, tells her she shouldn't worry because "Rome wasn't built in a day." This inspires to kill Redman under the dining table by disemboweling him while Jennifer is on the phone in the kitchen. Glen notices this and Tiffany tells him "it was just a little slip" and not to tell Chucky. Glen's eye twitches with nerves as he begins to suffer psychologically. The next day, Chucky expresses annoyance that he couldn't take nine months of living in an attic, but Tiffany comforts him saying it's a voodoo pregnancy and therefore speeded up. Jennifer wakes up to find herself looking nine months pregnant. She phones up Joan terrified when Chucky suddenly covers her head with a blanket.

While she is screaming Tiffany pretends to be Jennifer while talking to Joan then promptly hangs up. Chucky ties Jennifer to her own bed and is about to make a move on her when Tiffany enters looking angry. Chucky stuffs a tissue in Jennifer's mouth to stop her screaming for help. As Chucky pulled out the tissue from his trousers, the photo he took of him and Glen by the dead photographer has fallen onto the floor. Tiffany finds it and is furious Chucky broke his promise. Chucky argues Tiffany decided this like she decided Glen was a girl. Tiffany says Glen is a girl, but Chucky says he's a boy and "the most promising killer" he's ever seen and Tiffany would have been proud of him. Glen enters the scene when Chucky and Tiffany are arguing they want a girl or a boy, he's upset they aren't considering what he wants. They both settle down to listen to Glen who says he wants to be a boy but is unsure what gender he really is. Glen says for sure he does not want to be a killer. Chucky is stunned and Tiffany says she's proud of him and will deal with whatever happens as a family. Chucky angrily states he's not ashamed of being a killer and it's a choice not an addiction. He angrily punches the wardrobe door where it opens and Redman's dead body falls out. Tiffany becomes ashamed and covers her face while Chucky happily states she broke her promise too. Chucky realizes that he no longer has a human body to transfer his soul into, so Tiffany pretends to be Jennifer and phones Stan to meet her.

When not so long later, he becomes tied up next to her and is about to tell her he loves her when Chucky stuffs a sock ball into his mouth. As the electricity fails and Tiffany is lighting candles, Joan knocks on the front door and Chucky plans to "take care of her". Joan forces her way into the house after failing to get an answer which activates the police alarm. She gets to the bedroom seeing Stan and Jennifer tied up and Redman dead on the floor, she is too stunned to notice Chucky sneaking up behind her with a knife. As Stan and Jennifer are struggling to warn her, Tiffany runs onto the scene and uses hairspray and a candle to light Joan on fire and send her flying over a balcony. As Tiffany is in tears with her back to Chucky, he tries to comfort her saying "nobody's perfect" and show her the bodies of the people he killed in another wardrobe in the room. When this fails to cheer Tiffany up, Chucky walks over to her and gently touches her back. Tiffany turns around to reveal it isn't Tiffany at all but Glen covered in makeup, wearing a blonde wig and white dress. Chucky discovers this isn't Tiffany or Glen, but Glenda. The real Tiffany enters and drops a glass of water in shock, wondering what has happened to Glen. She goes over to Glenda and shakes her to revive Glen, but this fails to work and when Glenda goes into a fit of hysterics, Tiffany slaps her bringing Glen back and in tears.

Not long after, Jennifer goes into labor. Jennifer's baby is revealed to be a boy to Chucky and Glen's relief. To Chucky and Tiffany's surprise, Jennifer soon gives birth to another baby turning out to be a girl to Glenda's relief. As Chucky is saying his famous voodoo chant, Tiffany stops him to say Glen has to choose what gender he wants to be. She realizes they have a son and daughter, Glen and Glenda, so they don't have to choose. The police car arrives outside the house, with Jennifer screaming, Tiffany hurrying him up, and the babies crying, Chucky has finally had enough. He says with all the trouble it takes to be human he firmly resolves to remain a doll, he sees it as not only less complicated but it also makes him immortal and unique. He states he has everything he wants-Tiffany and Glen and being human won't make anything better. This prompts Tiffany to leave him and take Glen with her. Enraged and perhaps a little heartbroken, Chucky hurls his knife at Tilly to stop his wife transferring her soul into her body, but Stan limo driver jumps in the way to save her. Tiffany attacks Chucky with the knife before the police enter the house.

The next day, Jennifer is visited in the hospital by Tiffany and Glen. Just as Tiffany is about to transfer her soul into her, Chucky axes his way through the door and kills her with the axe, saying angrily "nobody leaves me!" With this traumatic event, Glen is suddenly capable of killing (without Glenda's help), and he proceeds to attack his father. Glen uses martial arts to fight Chucky, he severs all of Chucky’s limbs. Even when dying, Chucky is proud of his son, but even that doesn't stop Glen from removing his father's head. Tiffany, who has luckily transferred her soul into Jennifer’s body, comforts him after.

Five years later, Tiffany is living happily with her human twins Glen and Glenda, now celebrating their fifth birthday. One of Tiffany's servants, ULOL!!, tries to quit because she is frightened of the psychotic Glenda, who seems to have inherited a lot of her father's characteristics but much in worse form. Tiffany finds this ridiculous, but says she can leave. When Fulvia turns around, Tiffany brutally swings her doll at Fulvia's head, causing her to fall to the ground. She strikes her several more times, cracking her head open after the final blow, her eyes glowing green as her doll body had. Glen is happily watching his mother surrounded by a group of kids at the party and looking at the same photo Chucky took of the two of them by the dead photographer, thinking that even though they had differences Chucky still loved him. Tiffany surprises Glen by giving him an unlabeled gift. Glen opens it to reveal Chucky’s arm. This terrifies him and he looks back at the Tiffany doll which was his mother's former body. With his eye still nervously twitching, Chucky’s arm leaps up and grab Glen. The film ends with a black screen and Chucky’s hysterical laughter is heard, prompting the audience he'll return again. But his little brother Tomy Devil Ray a 8 year old. That has a devil like temper thats how his middle name is Devil. When he relized that Chucky died he sticht up his chest his arms his legs and then Tomy sticht his head back on then he used his chant to bring him back to life. as Chucky woke up and then said who the hell are you!.As Tomy said im your little brother Chucky was shockt. As Tomy laid down with his puppet it had black hair made of plastic. An oval head silk body plastic hands silk black socks red old sidekick shoes blue pants red shirt that says tommen talker writen in black.And baby blue eyes. Then chucky put Tomys soul into the puppet. And then thats the real end (See Tommen in the movies Tommens time 1'2'3 Bride of Tommen Seed of Tommen and Brother of Chucky).