This is an upcoming game for the XBOX 360 so if you don't get one you tool

Game CaseEdit

The game case will be a American Flag with a biohazard symbol torn,tattered.Edit

Dares if you seperate from your team, you will be penalized. If you do not do the dare you will lose either weapons, health, or quest items which if it was a quest item you would have to do it again. If you take the dare the gameplay stops and your team and scout the area looking for items without being attacked. When you are done with the dare all the players will respawn at the dare location. some of the dares could be spending the night in a infected area or saving from a infected area. Supplies

You can buy your supplies at All-Mart of certain other areas. you can loot from dead people and steal supplies buy pickpocketing them but you will lose charma.


there are at the least of 10 members the first 5 who are the main team members are eddie,sally,drew,walter,and mary. these people are the first of who you meet in the game.the others well your just going to have to find out the rest


pyroteachnican,marksmen,doctor,chef,meachanic,packmule(someone who can carry alot of weight)demolition expert,assassin,allout,murderer


the intro to this game is during 2011-2012(note it is not like the end of the world) start off in the middle of the iraqi war with your squad. you and your team are a part of special ops divison. your mission is to capture a nucler facilty but when you reach it someone already beat you to chase apparently not human. you split up form the others to search for who or what did kill all of the hostiles.